Specialized Cloud-Based Software for Code Enforcement

Our cloud-based solutions are tailored for government bodies, businesses focused on compliance, inspection management teams, and other relevant organizations. Our software as a service (SaaS) offerings are designed to boost productivity and enhance efficiency, all while maintaining the highest standards of security.

Elevate Your Code Enforcement Operations with Quarkza Information Systems

Simplify, Integrate, and Excel

Quarkza IS stands out by offering you the flexibility to use it as a robust stand-alone platform or as an integrated layer above your current legacy system. Through our advanced API, effortlessly link your existing data with Quarkza, creating a unified, powerful toolset that brings out the best in your enforcement efforts.

Comprehensive Cloud-Based SaaS Solutions for Regulatory Compliance across various Industries. Our platform streamlines operations in sectors including boiler and pressure vessel management, elevator and lift safety, amusement ride inspections, plant certifications, power engineering, exam scheduling, welder certification and mobility, alongside user-friendly invoicing systems.

Revolutionize Your Code Enforcement Processes with Quarkza

Say goodbye to the frustration of navigating through clunky, one-size-fits-all platforms that fail to meet the unique demands of code enforcement inspections. With Quarkza’s cutting-edge Information Systems, you’re not just adopting another development platform where data stagnates; you’re revitalizing your existing systems to work seamlessly for both inspectors and managers.

Quarkza iS

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Keep your team constantly prepared and informed by offering seamless access to your applications and data, anytime and anywhere.

Seamless Legacy Integration

Our platform enhances the functionality of your existing systems, boosting their performance without interrupting your workflow.

User-Friendly Design

Bid farewell to complex learning curves. Quarkza’s user-friendly interface promotes strong adoption rates and reduces training time.

Our Process



Collaborating closely with leading figures in code enforcement, we have pinpointed their unique needs and specifications. This insight has empowered us to craft the optimal solution: a user-friendly, intuitive cloud-based platform for code enforcement.



Every aspect has been meticulously tailored for both inspectors and managers. The Quarkza system’s application modules are crafted to meet industry-specific requirements, eliminating the need to master a vast, ever-evolving platform.

Each module can function standalone or synergize to form a comprehensive, integrated enterprise solution.



We’ve created a cutting-edge, cloud-based code enforcement enterprise platform, meticulously designed not as a development framework, but to align with industry-specific demands. Why start from scratch? Decades of industry knowledge are infused into every application module within the system.

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Elevate Your Code Enforcement Operations with Quarkza Information Systems

In the fast-paced world of code enforcement, your team needs tools that are not just capable, but also intuitive and adaptable. Enter Quarkza Information Systems, the cloud-based SaaS solution designed to revolutionize how you manage and enforce codes.

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